Mr. Gordon Lambdin Talks about The C.S. Lambdin Distillery

During my research for my book and this blog I am always putting out the word attempting to find any “home distillers”, distillers, moonshiners, or decendents thereof who would like to share their story, legacy, and heritage.  I had been mining for any living history I could find in Orange County and coming up short.  Plenty of people had heard stories and many knew about the “Dubois county dew” of the neighboring county, people had heard the name Moonshine hollow but didn’t know the story, and in all I kept coming up dry.  That is until my friend Karen Padgett pointed me in the direction of Gordon Lambdin who is a descendant of Silas Lambdin who ran a distillery near Valeene in this same county.

Gordon is a great guy and very entertaining, we talked for nearly three hours about distilleries and also the general history of Orange County Indiana as well as Washington Co.  Gordon also had his great grandfathers old barrel brand from which we took ink impressions that turned out nicely and will end up in the book.

I will be visiting Gordon again soon and hope he will share some more stories with me, he is a wealth of knowledge and someone I am happy to call my friend.

For now, enjoy this video:

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