Mr. Perry Noble of French Lick Indiana on Moonshining in Springs Valley.

I became aware of Mr. Noble and the exploits of his family via a local heating and air fellow who’s family once was well known for building local Moonshine stills. Perry is a pleasure to speak with and he knows a lot about distilling and modern moonshine history in the valley here.  I will be doing follow up interviews with Perry as we didn’t get into half of what he has mentioned to me on the phone or during his tour of my distillery Spirits Of French Lick.

Mr. Noble is someone I could easily spend days speaking with and I really enjoyed this interview and gleaned a lot of information from him.  I hope you will enjoy and you will share this via social media.  Facebook doesn’t seem to like youtube links and buries them in the news feed so in order to get this interview out there I need you to share this from my page.  Much appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Mr. Perry Noble of French Lick Indiana on Moonshining in Springs Valley.

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  1. My name is Ty Nelson…..It was my Grandfather that threw the dynamite in the Brown Hotel !! He did a little time for that …
    I work at the French Lick Winery…I host on the weekends…


  2. We have 50 acres in French Lick and I am certain there was moonshine action on our land! There are probably a million glass bottles!


  3. My grandfather perry passed away a few days ago, hearing his voice again brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for your beautiful words about him. And thank you for your appreciation of his knowlege and wisdom


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