Copper paraphernalia

When it comes to the distilling industry, be it legal or illicit, much like any other industry it’s not always about what you know but instead who you know.  I’m the first to admit I am no sheet metal worker/artist but I do have a penchant for copper quite obviously, both in my line of work but also for historical and reenactment purposes.  Luckily for me I got a lot of good friends out there who really know their way around crafting truly one of a kind and beautiful pieces such as that which follows.  I have promised not to give out the name of the artist as his preference is to work only for close friends and family and he maintains a day job.  I’ve had him build me several pieces for Hells Half Acre Hellbilly Burlesque Show and we jokingly prod that I am building a “One piece at a time” distillery from his work.  The photos and all the work that follows belong to him and I am grateful for all of his skills.  The piece is a Dona Jug/Yeast Fount.  We have spoken of this in the past here at the Alchemist Cabinet and in the days before “master distiller” became a marketing term the “yeast maker/distillers” of the practical distillation type always had one of these on hand as an easy way to move yeast from a starting culture to a fermenter or to even carry home with them their unique yeast variety in order to protect it and maintain it.  Few distillers now would know what this is or even how to use it.  This one will see much use!20171028_105313
















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