A small window into my current Hoosier distilling history research.

As I have moved deeper into my research into Southern Indiana Distillation History I have began tackling the work of delving into the newspaper archives available to me via The Washington County Historical Society and the John Hay Center in Salem Indiana (become a member today!) and thought I’d start by tackling prohibition.  Though I have not included but perhaps 10% of the articles I have found in this post (nor did I include the dates here) these were all found between 1920-1929 and represent maybe two hours worth of searching and only in The Salem Democrat newspaper.  I will in time delve into all of the other county and town papers as well and into the pre-prohibition era as well looking for ads or articles.  This is just a random sampling but the sad story of Bailey Boling which we always bring up at Hells Half Acre Hellbilly Burlesque Show events is recounted here as well.  I also included an advertisement for a laundry boiler which was available in three options including copper, it is included here because I have seen a preponderance of these same model boilers that were themselves converted into stills in this and surrounding Hoosier counties and would add as a “moonshiner” myself I too would have made use of them.

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