An Ode to Hoosier Apple Jack

I can’t tell if this is a proclamation of quality or an assasination of character by the temperance crowd but I sure do love it!

Logansport Chronicle December 16 1905
The eastern papers are discussing the relative merits of the applejack of their states. Pshaw, if you desire to drink the real stuff, come to Logansport. There is but one state where the precious fluid loves to grow, tradition favors it; where the apples, if few, are fit, and where alone there are strong me fit to have it. There is no applejack but Indiana applejack.

“Riper than autumn, clearer than the light,
Sweet as young love, it warms but does not bite.

At least not often. In doing justice to our applejack we do no injustice to the feelings of the driest of the Drys. Applejack is poetry, not drink. The name and thought of it are stimulant enough to the healthy mind. Much can be made of names, which may be as real as things; who knows? Cherry brandy, peach brandy, pineapple rum, appletoddy, applejack. Why, here are fire and poetry enough to last the world for ages.

A bottle of sound, sterling Logansport applejack-if we can afford no larger a cellar- is a comfort and protection, as well as a happiness. It helps heat the house. The tang and value of it increase every day. Don’t spend it. Hoard it. It is more precious than money. And if a burglar ventures upon it you will find him dead in the dining room the next morning. The plate is intact. The burglar died happy. And there is yet some liquor left!

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