Welcome to A.C. This will for the foreseeable future be the new home to all of my incoherent, rambling, and passionate thoughts regarding my trade and my art.  Here you will find any number of posts pertaining to whatever obsession has grabbed my attention for the moment, most relating obviously of course to farming and distilling and the history thereof but also to my philosophical jaunts and artistic whims.

My name is Alan Reed Bishop, I am a southern Indiana Farmer-Distiller tied to my home county of Washington and my hometown; Pekin.  I have a background in independent seed breeding and previously in home distillation and am a historical re-enactor, researcher, and often a community volunteer. I am the head distiller of Spirits of French Lick in neighboring Orange county Indiana.  Together with my wife and daughter, Kimberly and Penny, and my extended family as well as my many “brothers” and “sisters” I operate a small farm known locally as Bishops Homegrown as well as an ever evolving “proto” business called “Face Of The Earth” which focuses on the development of agricultural/horticultural varietals for distilling as well as on distillery consultation.

I hope to share with my friends much of the work I occupy my time with here including the latest culmination of what has been a long evolving book, seed company, and consultation service and to further my own knowledge as well as yours.  Although there will be times when the blog may go a while without an update, I plan to use this platform quite extensively to document my thoughts and research and highlight news about Face Of The Earth products.

All content is property of Alan Reed Bishop.  Feel free to post, re post, and borrow as needed, just give credit where credit is due.  I’m not above “donations” either. 🙂

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